Facilities Management

Walsingham Group: Facilities Management

Mission: Facilities Management

Walsingham Group provides all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision necessary to clean and maintain the cleanliness of the facilities under contract. We are further responsible for Environmental Compliance, Safety Management, Building and Life Safety Code Compliance and Occupational Health in order to maintain a safe, healthy and environmentally compliant workplace.

We are knowledgeable of and comply with all applicable Federal, State and local laws and permits, all OSHA and EPA environmental, health and safety regulations, as well as, DoD Regulations and Instructions, client regulations, and Office of OHESS technical guides, policy papers and related documents.

We provide:
  • Environmental, Safety, and Health Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Workmanship and Materials
  • Custodial and Attendant Services
  • Routine and Periodic Work
  • Special Events

Customer: U.S. Intelligence Community
Locations: Sugar Grove, WV

Walsingham Services: Facilities Management

U.S. Govguam-submarineernment customers around the world choose Walsingham Group to manage classified facilities. Our people have provided security and logistics support at missile launch, satellite communications, fuel storage, proving grounds, and other sensitive sites without a single safety or security incident.

As an experienced provider of these critical tasks, we vet each employee for the proper clearance, safety knowledge, and attitude. To ensure we are compliant with the Service Contract Act (SSA), we check locality rates and benefits before submitting a proposal, and are win-win union negotiators.